” Any fool can make a rule, and every fool will mind it.”  Henry David Thoreau

A claim was made that ‘The Seminar’ may very well be the most unique manuscript of the 21st century. That is a pretty bold claim and I would like to explain. The book is a novel with a fictional story-line. There is a seminar within the book titled, ’50 Passageways to Riches’ TM. The passageways are actually subjects discussed inside of this particular seminar. The subjects are real and present quite valuable information that can actually lead the reader to learn passageways to riches. This dichotomy in and of itself, breaks literary rules. A fictional story and a non-fiction wealth attainment seminar all-in-one.

Another literary rule that’s broken is that all of a sudden the story radically escalates to a science-fiction setting provoked by an experience outside of the seminar room. There are however other sub-plots in the book that appear almost at the sci-fi level but one particular twist takes it to another level. All I can say is, “Rules were meant to be broken.” After all, if rules were never broken we would never have evolved into the intelligent, modern, 21st century human beings that we are. “Fiddlesticks,” I say.

I will continue writing blogs about this book and share excerpts from the story along with sharing many of the passageways to riches subjects discussed in the book. All of this valuable information I will explain from inside and outside the book. I will look forward to your presence and would love for you to comment.

Sincerely Yours, Reuven Bryer