“Fantasies for some of us are realistic to others. Realities for some of us are just fantastic to others.”  Reuven Bryer

I gave my word last night, that I would list the non-fiction part of this book, ‘The Seminar’, which contains subjects discussed at a seminar attended by two particular protagonists, one being the narrator, amongst three hundred and fifty attendees. The title of the seminar is, ’50 Passageways to Riches’TM. I hope and pray that my publisher will not sue me for divulging this part of My book, so here we go.

  1. Time Management
  2. Creative deal structuring
  3. Buying With OPM
  4. Mice and Elephants
  5. Buying Foreclosures
  6. Short Sales
  7. Going Into Contract
  8. The Bank
  9. A Plan of Action
  10. Finding Money
  11. Retailing Houses
  12. Wholesaling Houses
  13. Options
  14. Lease Options
  15. FSBO’s
  16. Cash Flow
  17. Buying and Holding
  18. Selecting Contractors
  19. Hiring Advisors
  20. Setting Up A Business
  21. It’s None of My Business
  22. Commercial Real Estate
  23. Property Management
  24. Buying Notes and Liens
  25. Taxes and Insurance
  26. Stocks and Bonds
  27. Internet Marketing
  28. Communication
  29. Speech
  30. Semantics 101
  31. Negotiation
  32. Debt Elimination
  33. Auctions
  34. Networking
  35. Priorities
  36. Getting Started
  37. B.S. Belief Systems
  38. Accumulation
  39. Do You Remember
  40. Franchises
  41. Asset Protection
  42. KISS Method
  43. Motivation
  44. Reality
  45. Give and Take
  46. Passion
  47. Healing
  48. Failure
  49. Success
  50. The Destination.     I believe that these passageways to riches and their content, are what intrigued Morgan James Publishers, a New York publishing house, to publish this book. They are primarily an entreprenurial, non-fiction publisher. ‘The Seminar’ is a fiction novel but because of this unique combination including valuable wealth attainment information, it could perhaps be classified as an allegorical non-fiction. Other items that make it so unique are the facts that it is a Romance novel, Suspense, Mystery, Science Fiction, and a Self-Help Manual, all rolled into one.  Tomorrow I will begin a discussion on each of these Passageways to Riches.