“I think therefore I am” Rene Descartes  “That’s what he thinks. To others you are one percent of what you say you are and one hundred percent of what you’ve done” Reuven Bryer

‘Passageways to Riches subject # 19 is Hiring Advisors. All of your friends will give you free advice and so will your family. Often, after you feel you came up with a good idea, they will transmit all of this negativity. Don’t get sucked in. Pattern yourself after a Missouri Mule, also called a Jack Ass, who stubbornly only allows his will to dominate his choices and not allowing the influences of others.

Anyone you talk to will provide you with advice. The problem is that very few are qualified to give you good advice. You do want to build a team. Business and investing is a team sport. You want to deal with experts, using their expertise, speaking their lingo. You need these foot soldiers out there to make sure things are happening correctly. By building a professional team, you will save time and money. If you are the smartest member of your team then you are in trouble. You are, however, the leader and you’re searching for leadership. You want to teach your advisors the three mandates of leadership:

1. See things as they are but not worse than they are.

2. See things better than they are.

3. Make it that way.

Don’t tell your advisors how to do their jobs but tell them clearly what you expect from them. Never criticize, chastise, or complain about your advisors. They are your staff so stimulate and motivate them.

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