“The world is such a small place, we keep bumping into people we have met before that know others we know, and yet it’s such a large place that there are to this very day places unexplored and never even seen by man”  Reuven Bryer
Right here within this high-tech complex world, lay a major secret. As complex as it is, we are still experimenting and doing research on even more advanced technologies. The stresses related to all of this searching, which takes hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, limit our ability to KISS.
Keep It Simple Sweetie.
Go ahead and laugh. Truthfully, the endless time for laborious testing, formulating, and researching, has caused much pain in this world. It is so awesome what we can do with a cell phone, the computer, social media, and I’m still in awe about the FAX machine. All of this can take you to remote ends of the Earth within seconds. With all the due respect for these, gadgets, I find it a little sad that we have forgotten how to communicate using the multi-sensory abilities given to us since the beginning of time. Adam, the first man, was able to see clear across the world!  Mental telepathy seemed to go out of style right after the telegraph machine was invented. Natural modalities for healing have also ceased to be practiced, at least by the masses, since the more intrusive allopathic methods were introduced.
Our evolution continues and that is a good thing. However, it is very important not to forget basic fundamentals. The best part of communication is having that personal touch. I am grateful for the technologies that have brought friends and family back from the past and all the more so will I be grateful when I can be with them to: