“Men are not prisoners of fate, they’re prisoners of their own minds”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The eyes are the window to your soul. They are similar to a camcorder and record everything within their view. What they capture is sent through the visual cortex to the brain and gets filtered through the other neural systems that are like a filtration plant. This is actually a self-protection process, which decides what is to be accepted and acknowledged. What might be before your very eyes is not necessarily what you see. By the same token, you might also see what isn’t there. There is a scientific explanation for this anomaly but basically it is your mind protecting everything it has been conditioned to accept.

Because each one of us has had a totality of different experiences, we don’t always see the same things. What may be more problematic is the fact that our conditioning can force us to react to situations where our actions can become unfounded. This subject can get very deep and I just want to implement food for thought here. If, for example, you were told over a long period of time that you are incapable of telling the truth, your mind and even your body might follow suit. Your mental conditioning is based on repetitive words and statements made to you and about you. The most reinforcement is when you yourself affirm what you have heard. In time, this can become part of your reality.

The finest ways to overcome negativity are to affirm and repeat to yourself positive statements early morning and right before retiring at night. These affirmations are worthless unless you want to, and do, believe them. This is easiest to achieve when you are coming from a space of gratitude. When you are thankful for who and what you are, it can allow the space to be more than, and to be better than who you are now. Gratitude must be part of your affirmation in order for you to improve and overcome any negativity in your life. If the source for your negativity or limited power is from others, here is what you need to do:  You don’t have to forget, but if you forgive, it is like setting down the baggage that weighs you down and restricts your movement. If you forgive genuinely and verbally, a void is created that permits you to fill it with unlimited abilities.