“A house doesn’t rest on a foundation, but upon the Woman”  Old Mexican proverb

The Kabbala explains that Women are connected to the realm of Bina, meaning understanding. Bina is also related to the word, Binyan, meaning building. A home or a family without the presence of a Mother is structurally unsound and severely handicapped. All of the grab-bars, wheel chair access, nor elevators can make up for Her not being there. I write this in a somber tone because my own Mother (of blessed memory) is no longer physically present in this world. My memories of Her though, put a smile on my face when I reflect on the stories She used to tell me about Her own life and how I used to protect myself by clinging to Her.

My oldest daughter, Heather, is now a Mother and my grand-daughter, Riley Star, is blessed to have Her and a wonderful Grand-Mother, Kathie. A Mother’s instinct cannot be replaced by all the logic in the world. They just seem to know what is best for their entire family. Acknowledgements deserve to go out to Mothers on more than just this one day. I strongly urge you though, to visit, or to be with your Mothers today in some kind of way whether it be by reflection, a letter, a card, or any form of presence, which She will receive.

On a lighter note, Scientists have done a study proving that if your parents had no children, chances are, neither will you. See you tonight live, on ‘The Seminar’ Blog Talk Radio Show. Call in with any questions or comments at 10 pm central time. Go to,   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/reuvenbryer.