“I was made to work. If you are equally industrious you will be equally successful”  Johann Sebastian Bach

I just learned that ‘The Seminar’ book will be available in e-book form within weeks from today and maybe even sooner. I often receive e-mails from internet marketers selling systems for creating and publishing e-books and kindle books. Now internet marketing is one of the subjects that the ‘Passageways to Riches’ seminar happens to discuss and you will learn some good information about that subject, perhaps in another blog. Most all of the marketers selling the systems to publish and write e-books are  telling me that you don’t even have to write the e-books. Apparently you can hire other authors to write all of your content, publish the book and then get rich. Ghost writers seem to come inexpensively or should I say, cheaply, and they are willing to write on just about any subject you can imagine. There is definitely a lot of talent out there and many of these writers are willing to work for a very small fee. If you are interested in ghost writing, I can tell you where to find work. How do I know this? (lol) I certainly can’t find fault with anyone, skilled or otherwise, for making a quick buck. There are many of these systems available for kindle books, amazon books, and generally all e-books, and they all claim to be quite profitable requiring little or no work.

I would like you all to know and understand, that all of the content written in ‘The Seminar’ book, whether it be the fiction mystery and the non-fiction ‘Passageways to Riches’ seminar, is based on very valuable information that I have collected and learned over a fifty year period of my life. I have attended seminars on a wide spectrum of subjects since the 1960’s. ‘Passageways to Riches’ is an awesome seminar teaching 50 subjects that will show you how to make a fortune. Actually this seminar will teach you more than 50 ways to become rich. Some of the content presented at this three day seminar, I have formulated, but still it is based on many of my own experiences in my lifetime.

The fiction story, where mystery, suspense, drama, humor, romance, and science fiction, unites with the non-fiction, is also an original story fabricated from my mind. That is not completely true. Like many, if not all, fiction writers develop characters, plots, themes, and stories from actual events and influences from real life experiences. Fiction characters often represent people that an author has actually known or seen before. Sometimes a story may come from a dream. Truth is, some of the story in ‘The Seminar’, has come to me from the wild, weird, whacky, and wonderful extraordinary events in my life. After you read ‘The Seminar’, I could share with you which events have actually happened to me. At that point you will probably recommend a psychiatrist or you just won’t believe me. The most far reaching tales written here are real and I have really lived through them. Still, this is a fiction novel. Go figure. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the ‘Passageways to Riches”.