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“Never be afraid to ask for help”  Talin Orfali

I seem to be getting slightly bombarded by information related to healing this evening. Mentioned in the description of ‘The Seminar’ book that I wrote, is the fact that something supernatural, often inexplicable, sometimes magical, seems to occur just before, during, or shortly thereafter attending seminars. I attended one, which was paid for by a most unusual and unpredictable  source. It was a seminar on a particular modality of healing. To make a most interesting long story short, at the end of the seminar I conducted a healing session and the results were beyond belief or my own understanding. I became a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and have had many wonderful and miraculous healing sessions, both one-on-one and distant or remote healings. These healings usually relate to physical, psychological or emotional, and spiritual dis-eases. All I fully understand about what I…

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