“Never be afraid to ask for help”  Talin Orfali

I seem to be getting slightly bombarded by information related to healing this evening. Mentioned in the description of ‘The Seminar’ book that I wrote, is the fact that something supernatural, often inexplicable, sometimes magical, seems to occur just before, during, or shortly thereafter attending seminars. I attended one, which was paid for by a most unusual and unpredictable  source. It was a seminar on a particular modality of healing. To make a most interesting long story short, at the end of the seminar I conducted a healing session and the results were beyond belief or my own understanding. I became a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and have had many wonderful and miraculous healing sessions, both one-on-one and distant or remote healings. These healings usually relate to physical, psychological or emotional, and spiritual dis-eases. All I fully understand about what I do, is that it works.

Several things have occurred this evening that prompted me to make an offer. I had no plans to do this and one of the things I discovered this evening, is that my cousin Beverly left this physical world one year ago this day. Now whether she is intervening or not, I doubt I’ll ever learn. And, if not, I will in her memory, offer to do a distant or remote healing on You or anyone in particular that you have in mind. That will be all of the information I will require. The truth is that it is not me who does the healing. I am only a medium that I guess:  is tuning in, to a Universal connection and/or frequency, while passing it as a messenger of sorts, to a recipient. I have heard various scientific explanations but none that satisfy me.

If you are interested, here is my request:

1. Pre-order a copy of ‘The Seminar’ by Reuven Bryer from your favorite bookseller in the next 2 days and let me know on my Reuven Bryer Facebook page that you did so. 2. Leave only a name of whom you wish to be healed on the Reuven Bryer Facebook page, and no other information other than perhaps male or female, if I won’t know by their name.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          3. I need your word and your promise, that if under a doctor’s care, or medication, the recipient, will change nothing without first consulting the doctor or other professional first. That is it.

Realize that I am taking you for your word and promise of your part of the deal. There is a certain balance in the universe of giving and taking that we don’t want to disrupt. I believe that any form of deception would invalidate this type of healing. There are also no guarantees other than the one you make with your bookseller. I do normally charge seventy dollars for this healing and the cost of the book is much less than that. Therefore, this is a gift. Understand that this is a general healing and the Universe seems to know what is best to direct the healing towards.

There is a ‘Passageway to Riches’TM subject discussed in the book and it teaches basics on healing. There are four very important attributes of a healer.                                       They are: Love, Presence, Gratitude, and Mastery. Be well and I’ll see You on the ‘Passageways to Riches’TM, Reuven Bryer