“ Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are; while your reputation is merely what others think you are”  John Wooden

I have had a week where healing seems to be the general theme. Various conversations on this topic have occupied a great deal of my time. I mentioned before, I am a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner. This in itself is a form or modality of energy healing. I have attended many seminars on different modalities of healing and learned  different healing techniques. Although I practice part time, I am well paid for providing a healing session. Besides Reconnective Healing, I have a format now, where I first do what is known as a progressive relaxation process. I first learned this in college where I had a Yoga class. I learned a scientific explanation and process of basically the same thing from an Indian swami years later. The second part of a one-on-one healing session is the most effective. That is the reconnective healing. The last and final part of a one-on-one session, is where I teach the recipients how to heal themselves. This includes preventive methodologies. So, a one-on-one session is three fold.

There is another healing session I perform known as a distant or remote healing. It can be done on anyone, anywhere. All that is required,is for me to have the recipient in mind. I don’t need to know them and I have a proven track record working on Children, Adults, and Animals. I recently offered my services to recipients who want for themselves, or know of someone whom they want to have a healing, contact me through Facebook, and leave their name. However, I also requested that they purchase a copy of my book, ‘The Seminar’, by Reuven Bryer. Either there is no one in need of a healing, which obviously isn’t true, or, they are afraid ( of the unknown and/or other reason to fear ), or, they don’t want to purchase a $17.95 retail priced book for $10.77 with the pre-sale discount, and only $7.93 for a Kindle version, for a healing that I usually charge $70.00. I suppose you could think of other reasons why I have had no takers. What could it hurt? What is at risk? Nada!  I have decided that if you know of someone, or you yourself want a healing, I will do it in exchange for just your email address and you don’t have to purchase the book!

I would like to explain to the world that energy healing not only works, but it can do what you might perceive of , as a miracle. How do I know this?  Experience. ‘The Seminar’ book touches on the subject of healing and teaches the basic attributes required for a successful healer. It has been a mysterious wonder for me to act as a medium to perform a healing and it gives me much satisfaction, knowing I have been involved in the cures for physical, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual dis-eases. It is on you to make a choice to find me and let me help.

Be well, and I’ll find you on the ‘Passageways to Riches’TM