“If you want it done right (your way), do it yourself”  Anonymous

I recently spoke to a friend on Facebook, explaining ‘The Seminar’ (book) view on MWC’s. These are Minimum Wage Chores. He explained that he was bogged down, having to do his customer billings. When I mentioned the concept of delegating work that you don’t like doing and that there are always people out there who enjoy doing what you don’t want to do, he brought up a very good point. It is a point that is also explained in ‘The Seminar’. Having intimate business or any type of relations, can be very valuable. By doing his own billings, he can maintain a personal relationship with his customers. That personal touch seems to be disappearing in the business realm. Now, more than ever, the computer along with internet social media, can be a barrier to those intimate relationships. Of course that depends on how you are using it. I have found good friends that I haven’t seen nor heard from in decades! I have re-established friendships and even long lost family via the internet and social media. And, it is probably the quickest way to communicate with anyone.

Another aspect about MWC’s, is that you will occasionally have to train others to do what you delegate for them. If you tell them specifically, what you want, and follow up on them, it can be very productive. In no case should you tell them how to do what it is that they do. You want to inspire them and ‘The Seminar’ shares some of these forgotten secrets on how to do that. That said, I am faced with a chore to do by myself, tomorrow. I don’t trust just anyone to work on my truck. Tomorrow I will have to change the water pump. That means I will have to take a bunch of things apart to get to the water pump and then put it all together. It will probably take me four or five hours. A mechanic gave me an estimate of $600.00 to do this. So, I guess I will delegate this greasy chore to myself. Oh well, be well and I’ll see you on the ‘Passageways to Riches’.