“The world is such a small place, we keep bumping into people we have met before that know others we know, and yet it’s such a large place, there are this very day places unexplored and never even seen by modern man”  Reuven Bryer

There is a translation to the name of a book titled, ‘From investigations’. The book is several thousand years old. It says that Adam, the first man, could see from one end of the Earth to the other. Before the cell phone, there was the telephone and before the telephone was the telegraph. Other means of communication involved flag waving, smoke signals, whistling, tin cans with string tied to buttons, etc. Long before the more modern devices, it was natural to use the multi-sensory abilities inherent in all of us.

If you ask me, ESP is a fallacy. There are no extra senses. And, there are certainly more than five senses. We are 100% Human Beings. There is no 110% nor 120%. We have merely evolved, or should I say, “devolved,” into using the modern gadgets that have spoiled us and have limited us to the usage of only the five primary senses. Our senses can be compared to muscles and when a muscle lies dormant and is not used, atrophy can set in. The good news is that most often, atrophy can be cured. It may require physical therapy and slowly the muscle can rebuild, mainly by using it. The same is true for multi-sensory abilities.

The senses that I am most interested in at this point in time are those used  for the purpose of communication. Remote healing, telepathy, astral travel, and intuition are only a few. With practice, the reconnections can be made. The most important factor in rebuilding or reconnecting, is to remove all fear and doubt. In order to fill a vessel, there must be room. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Doubt is Ducking OUnwisely Being Troubled. One or both of these uncertainties of mind and lack of conviction will suffuse your potential to activate and enhance your sensory abilities, including your five primary senses.

This is an awesome subject and one of the ‘Passageways to Riches’TM, which is where I’ll be ‘ seeing’ you. Be well, Reuven