“In America, getting on in the world means getting out of the world we have known before”  Ellery Sedgwick

The Seminar Blog Talk Radio Show was very interesting and controversial last night. William P. Akin Jr. Co-hosted a one hour special with me. While discussing several subjects found in ‘The Seminar’, by Reuven Bryer, education somehow got into the mix. ‘The Seminar’, like most seminars, provides an education in itself. The subjects learned within the seminar called, ‘Passageways to Riches’TM, are rarely, if ever, taught in school. A statement was made that in order to succeed and attain riches, one must get a scholastic education. That statement ruffled my feathers and I got so emotional, I made a very foolish remark. I said something rather ridiculous like, “You don’t have to go to school to become a scientist.”  Well, fractions of a second after that was so eloquently pontificated, this rocket scientist, yours truly, had the urge to retract with my tail between my legs.

Scholars have the potential to get good jobs. I’m quite sure that there are very few employed scientists running around that haven’t had a college education. I admire and respect anyone who has had a college education. If any educated professional learns to invest wisely, he or she can travel the passageways to riches and attain wealth. People tend to live according to their means and regardless of how much you earn on a j.o.b., you’re limited without investing and re-investing.

As discussed in last night’s show, in order to succeed you must risk failure. By making calculated investments, opportunities arise and the potential for success can far out shadow any salaries or wages earned from any type of job. ‘The Seminar’ will inspire you to think outside the box. There are subliminal messages that can transform any college professional or even a layman into a successful entrepreneur.

Any college grads, kindergarten grads, and scientists, please accept my apology. I happened to stick my foot in mouth and that is actually described in ‘The Seminar’ as a very serious disease in the realm of being an investor. A seminar is another avenue for learning. Being a seminar junkie, I love to learn and there is always more to learn. That is it for my hang-dog so I’ll see you on the ‘Passageways to Riches’TM,  Reuven