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Source: The Inescapable Truth About Global Warming — reuvenbryer

Source: September 23, 2017

By now you may have heard doomsday prophecies attributed to this auspicious day of September 23 of this year. Most of those who spread the news of doom and gloom claim a semblance to passages in the Biblical book of Revelation. I am not so familiar with the New Testament nor do I fully understand the planetary and stellar alignments alluded to in Revelation.

In the Old Testament there are prophecies regarding the coming of the Messiah which also describe turbulent and chaotic events much like the Apocalypse in the New Testament describing a second coming of the Messiah.

I have been watching and listening to scientific reports for the last several months describing anomalies from all over the Earth about volcano eruptions, tornados, massive rain storms, droughts, extreme heat, extreme cold, cyclones, hurricanes, etc. Our star sun Sol has also been acting up with CME’s   ( coronal mass eruptions ), granted, an eleven year cycle has just passed when these eruptions are likely but the cycle has passed and the Geo magnetic forces on Earth have been at effect with internet, cell phone, radio, and even power grids stalled or halted at times in some large areas around the globe.

Although this information is alarming, there is more to ponder. There appear to be political and international diversions going on around us. Certain masses of people are joining up with some leaders donning false flags, a military strategy used hundreds of years ago. The technique has you joining up with a group representing something you may believe and when it’s too late you find out you are on the wrong side.

The 23rd of September is also Saturday the 3rd day of the month of Tishrei on the Hebrew calendar. It is the beginning of the New Year (5778). Interesting that 5778 is the temperature of the sun on the Kelvin scale. A Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week according to the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and yet it is the Sabbath Day, the Holiest day of the week. Those who praise G-D need not fear the perils of the Saturday because our Protector is above the nature of the zodiac and guarantees our protection provided we heed to the Word.

That particular Sabbath is called the Sabbath of Return ( Shabbat Shuvah ), or Sabbath to repent. It comes between Rosh Hashanah ( New Year ) and Yom Kipur ( Day of Atonement ). The 10 days are referred to as the days of awe and reverence.

Many of the prophecies in both Bibles paint a rocky picture but by Returning to complete faith in G-D promises salvation no matter where you are right now in spirituality. I highly recommend returning, the sooner, the better.

More, later,  Have a great Sabbath, Reuven

Source: The Inescapable Truth About Global Warming — reuvenbryer

Perhaps it was mere coincidence that in the year, 2005, I gave a presentation on Basic Green Building Technology, the same year as Hurricane Katrina. I was then a licensed general contractor, member of Brooklyn AIA ( American Institute of Architects ), and a member of the USGBC ( United States Green Building Council ). I chose […]

via The Inescapable Truth About Global Warming — reuvenbryer

Perhaps it was mere coincidence that in the year, 2005, I gave a presentation on Basic Green Building Technology, the same year as Hurricane Katrina. I was then a licensed general contractor, member of Brooklyn AIA ( American Institute of Architects ), and a member of the USGBC ( United States Green Building Council ). I chose to give this presentation for a general meeting of the Brooklyn AIA. What qualified me to do so was my LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) workshop background at Parsons School of Architecture. My goal was to inform the architects and engineers in my local chapter of the benefits for certifying their projects with LEED designations. My hidden agenda was my mission statement of making this a better world, raising our quality of life, and extending our longevity. To make such a presentation I had to offer CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) to the near 100 architects and engineers who would attend. That required the help of the USGBC. After many phone calls I finally got their permission and the First Chair, Naomi Cousins, a mechanical engineer herself, to make the presentation along with me.     LEED certified projects were in demand and sprouting up all over the nation. I was hoping that my presentation would inspire these professionals to become LEED AP’s   ( Associated Professionals ) who can add points toward certified projects. It was successful and some if not many of these pros did sign up to work on and build such projects. In my presentation I pointed out that previously, the United Nations formed a committee called the IPCC ( International Panel on Climate Change ). The UN commissioned around 1500 scientists from around the world to do a study on the causes of global warming and climate change. No one until now, 12 years later, has denied the fact that over the last 130 years every decade has shown a continuous rise in globally averaged temperatures. That is a plain and simple documented fact since global temperatures were first recorded when in 1873, countries began sharing annual data and in 1880, the World Meteorological Organization was founded. The greatest discrepancy amongst the IPCC scientists was a 10 to 20% variation on the percentage of whether the causes of global warming were anthropogenic ( caused by man ) or natural causes. Since the Industrial revolution average global temperatures have risen almost 2 degrees. The average layman may think that’s trivial or miniscule but that’s enough to cause specie extinctions and disappearing submerged coastlines throughout the world !                                              I am an avid fisherman and have fished on the Pacific Ocean coast, the Atlantic Ocean coast, and the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Being safety conscious I always inspect the bodies of water which change radically from year to year. The changes are often dramatic and if you look at aerial photos of coastlines over the last twenty to thirty years it will blow your mind ! I don’t want to cause panic but we creatures who inhabit this sphere called Earth should be more than concerned. Even if global warming is only caused by Mother Nature there are many things we can do to cumulatively slow and hopefully alter the rise in temperatures. Looking for residence on other planets is not what I consider to be a reasonable alternative. Our world is as much a living entity as we are. Yes, we have an immune system that protects us and can rebuild some of our damaged cells when necessary. So too, the Earth, but that doesn’t mean we can continue to inflict wounds and damage our wonderful current home. Please, when the media tells you that it’s cold outside, open your windows,  doors, and your eyes to understand what’s really going on.    

See you in the ‘Passageways to Riches’ TM,  Reuven 

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